• Meet the Teachers

  • Our staff are passionate about dancing and sharing their gift with others.


  • Stacey Williams


    Ballet Teacher

    Favourite colour - Yellow

    Favourite Movie - Dead Poets Society

    Favourite Book - The hand that first held mine by Maggie o' Farrell

    Favourite Singer - David Bowie and Edie Brickell

    Favourite Choc or Lollies - Peppermint Crisp

    Favourite Ice-Cream - Banana 

    Favourite food - Zuccini pasta, my Mum's chicken dish, grilled garlic and chillie prawns, waffles with cream and maple syrup ...............

    Favorite Artist - Johannes Vermeer and my kids x

    Favorite Actor - Al Pacino

    Favorite Quote - "When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves"  William Arthur Ward

  • Sara-Jane Morgan

    MD Ballet & Adult Ballet Teacher

    Favourite colour - Blue

    Favourite Movie - What we did on our Summer Holiday

    Favourite Book - Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett 

    Favourite Singer - Stevie Nicks

    Favourite Choc or Lollies - Licorice

    Favourite Ice-Cream - Salted Caramel 

    Favourite food - Anything that ends with PIE 

    Favorite Artist - Edgar Degas

    Favorite Actor - Robin Williams

    Favorite Quote - "Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order" Samuel Beckett

  • Faith Matamau

    Hip hop and Crew Teacher

    Favourite colour - Pink

    Favourite Movie - Anything scary

    Favourite Book - Out walked Mel 

    Favourite Singer - Nicki Minaj

    Favourite Choc or Lollies - Black Forest

    Favourite Ice-Cream - Chocolate 

    Favourite food - Chicken pasta 

    Favorite Artist - Bansky

    Favorite Actor - Charlize Theron

    Favorite Quote - "Nothing is impossible DREAM BIG"

  • Tracey Olivier


    Ballet/Hip hop/Jazz/Adult Hip hop Jazz & Contemporary Teacher

    Favourite colour - Blue

    Favourite Movie - Centre Stage

    Favourite Book - Fault in our stars 

    Favourite Singer - Justin Timberlake

    Favourite Choc or Lollies - Tex bar

    Favourite Ice-Cream - Chocolate 

    Favourite food - Anything with pasta 

    Favorite Artist - Vincent Van Gogh

    Favorite Actor - Channing Tatum

    Favorite Quote - "Dancers are the athletes of God"

  • Ryan Calamucha

    Hip hop and Crew Teacher

    Favourite colour - Green

    Favourite Movie - The Avengers

    Favourite Book - Harry Potter

    Favourite Singer - Jeremy Passion

    Favourite Choc or Lollies - Black Forest

    Favourite Ice-Cream - Chocolate 

    Favourite food - Chicken Katsu curry

    Favorite Artist - Jaime Rojo

    Favorite Actor - Russell Crowe

    Favorite Quote - "Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

  • Kassandra Dodds

    Jazz/Ballet & Stretch Teacher

    Favourite colour - Pink

    Favourite Movie - Shark Tale

    Favourite Book - Parvanas Journey 

    Favourite Singer - India Arie

    Favourite Choc or Lollies - Sour Feijoas

    Favourite Ice-Cream - Vanilla 

    Favourite food - My Mom's salmon salad 

    Favorite Artist - Grant Sharman (foot and mouth painter)

    Favorite Actor - Heath Ledger

    Favorite Quote - "Hakuna Matata"

  • Chereen De Breche

    Admin Manager

    Favourite colour - Turquoise

    Favourite Movie - The sound of music

    Favourite Book - Pillars of the earth by Ken Follett 

    Favourite Singer - Rod Stewart

    Favourite Choc or Lollies - Lindt dark choc and mint

    Favourite Ice-Cream - Boysenberry ripple

    Favourite food - Anything served at Bracu Restaurant in the Bombay Hills 

    Favorite Artist - Monet

    Favorite Actor - Bradley Cooper

    Favorite Quote - "If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun" Katherine Hepburn