• Jazz Steps

  • Steps

    Ball Change: Syncopated weight shift onto the ball of the rear foot and back to the flat front foot

    (Can be done as a traveling step).

    Chassé: Step together step.

    Cut: Quick displacement of one standing leg by the other while remaining on the same spot.

    Fan kick: A kick in which the working leg makes a sweeping arc in front of the body.

    Fondue: A bending of one's standing leg all the way from relevé to plié.

    Grapevine: A series of steps that move sideways with a side, back, side, front pattern.

    Hitchkick: A scissor-like movement where one leg is in the air while the other leg kicks up to pass it.

    Isolations: Movement of only one part of the body.

    Jazz walk: Many varieties but generally a turned out low walk using shoulder opposition. 

    Jazz pas de bourree: A back-side-front three step move in the floor pattern of an isosceles triangle.

    Jazz square: A crossed front-back-back-front four step move in the floor pattern of a square.

    Mambo: A front/back, back/front step with hips swiveling in a figure 8.

    Piqué: A step onto half toe with a straight leg from a plié standing leg.

    Relevé: A lift onto the toes.

    Step: Transferring weight fully onto a foot.

    Touch: A placement of the working toe or foot on the floor without shifting weight to it.