• Jazz Turns

  • Turns

    Chainés: Consecutive half turns traveling and rotating in a single direction.

    Inside turn: forwards turn; A turn toward the standing leg.

    Outside turn: Backwards turn; A turn away from the standing leg.

    Paddle turn: Several small pivot turns that take one 360 degrees.

    Pencil turn: Pirouette with both legs straight.

    Piqué turn: Inside turn which begins with a step onto half-toe with an already straight leg.

    Pirouette: Turn on one leg that begins in plié and goes to relevé from a plié.

    Pivot turn: Half-Turn on two legs with weight transfer from one leg to the other ; Feet stay stationary but     swivel.

    Soutenu: Full-Turn on two legs which begins with legs crossed, legs unwind and wind up crossed the other way; Feet stay on the same spot but swivel.

    Spotting: Focusing on one spot while turning to prevent dizziness.