• Hip-Hop Jazz

  • Both Jazz and Hip hop are upbeat, technical, fun and funky dance genres. A Hip hop Jazz dance class consists of cardiovascular warm-ups followed by technical exercises which include Jazz barre and centre work with reference to Hip Hop techniques. A couple of routines are taught which are performed at the end of year show.  Fun, popular, uplifting music is used to encourage our students to be creative. This class is great if you have never tried either dance styles before or if you love both dance styles but cannot decide which one to take. Ribbons are awarded for achievement throughout the year. Classes start from age 3 years to adult. Jazz shoes and Pumps are encouraged to be worn during classes.

  • Hip Hop and Jazz Dance Shoes

  • Hip hop shoes are any basic trainer type shoe.  

    You can wear high tops (come up high against the ankle) or lows (bellow the ankle) depending on comfort. Your shoes need to feet properly to prevent injury.

  • There are various styles of Jazz shoe.

    the ones seen in the diagram are lace ups. Elastic and boot style Jazz shoes can also be worn. When purchasing your Jazz shoe, it needs to fit comfortably and snug. Make sure the arch is flexible and not stiff.